This is a service that provides seminars and training to civic organizations, church’s, youth groups, schools, daycares, social service agencies or other groups about various topics related to child abuse prevention, positive parenting skills and/or basic living skills.

This service has a $50 honorarium for Jefferson County, Alabama; outside Jefferson County, Alabama $50 + mileage. Honorarium is subject to change. Certificates are available upon request. Call or email to schedule a seminar, training or refresher course: (205)801-5151 or

Topics and Trainings Offered

Seminars Offered by The Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention Center include but not limited too:
· Child Abuse Awareness
· Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse
· Bullying: A Presentation for Parents
· Bullying: A Presentation for Kids
· Basic Parenting
· Parenting Styles
· Child Development/Age Appropriate Expectations
· Communicating With Your Child
· Loving Discipline vs. Punishment
· Positive Discipline
· Alternatives to Spanking
· Setting Limits
· Family Rules
· Anger Management for Parents
· Anger Management for Children
· Stress Management for Parents
· Managing Stress in Children
· Promoting Self-Esteem in Children
· Your Body Belongs to You (A Sexual Abuse Prevention Presentation for Parents or Children)
· How to Be a Positive Role Model
· Problem Solving, Negotiation & Compromise
· How to Talk So Our Teens Will Listen
· Peer Pressure
· Internet Safety
· Living with ADD/ADHD
· Safety in the Home
· Children and Substance Abuse
· Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness
· Prenatal Drug and Alcohol Exposure Awareness
· Preventable Tragedies: Prenatal Drug & Alcohol Exposure and Shaken Baby Syndrome

Request Form


To assist the Exchange Club in serving your needs, please complete this form as part of any request for us to speak at an event. Please note that completion does not confirm acceptance. This service requires a $50 honorarium in Jefferson County, $50 + mileage outside Jefferson County. Please submit at least 30 days in advance.

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**Cancellations made within 48 hours of the event will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee**