First Teacher Home Visitation Program

We offer two great home-based programs for those in need!

First Teacher Program

The First Teacher Program is a FREE in home parent education and family support program utilizing the Parents as Teachers (PAT) curriculum. This program serves families throughout pregnancy until their child turns five (5) years of age and provides developmental, hearing and vision assessments.

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Parent Aide Program

The Parent Aide Program is a FREE Home based parent education program that matches a parent to a parent aide. Parent Aides serve parents of children ages birth to twelve (you must have custody of the child and he/she must live with you). Parent Aides work with families for about one year.

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Community Programs

Join us for our community-based programs! Find all the information you need here.

Positive Parenting Group (PPG)

Positive Parenting Groups are FREE ongoing educational support groups. The groups meet weekly, with the exception of holidays and office closures. These groups are best suited for parents who need more flexibility with scheduling. There are several classes to choose from, including a class for parents of teenagers.

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Adult Anger Management & Teen Anger Management School Based Program

The Adult Anger Management Group is open to all adults 19 and older. It is an eight(8) week FEE based education course designed to both develop and enhance strong, loving relationships between participants and their children. Participants learn to understand what causes anger, and the problems that can result if you are unable to control it. The group also helps participants learn ways to manage and express anger appropriately.

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Speaker’s Bureau

This is a service that provides seminars and training to civic organizations, church’s, youth groups, schools, daycare’s, social service agencies or other groups about various topics related to child abuse prevention, positive parenting skills and/or basic living skills.

This service has a $50 honorarium for Jefferson County, Alabama; outside Jefferson County, Alabama $50 + mileage. Honorarium is subject to change. Certificates are available upon request. Call or email Stacy Hopkins, to schedule a seminar, training or refresher course: (205)801-5151 or

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Teen G.A.P. School Outreach Program

 Teen G.A.P. School Based Program Do you know of any teens that have difficulty controlling their anger? Do they explode with anger, rage or unreasonable stubbornness? Are they “mean” to others? Have they alienated friends and become unpleasant to be around? Do you worry that “anger” will jeopardize their future? If you answered yes to…

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Safe Kids School Outreach

The Safe Kids School Outreach Program is a school based/after school program whose purpose is to prevent child abuse by educating and empowering children to recognize, respond to, and report abuse to a trusted adult. The goal of the Safe Kids program is to equip children in grades pre-K through 6th with the skills they…

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