Parent Aide Program

The Parent Aide Program is a FREE Home based parent education program that matches a parent to a parent aide. Parent Aides serve parents of children ages birth to twelve (you must have custody of the child and he/she must live with you). Parent Aides work with families for about one year.

Who is a Parent Aide?
· A Parent Aide is a person who understands the unique challenges of being a parent.
· A Parent Aide is a role model for parents.

What does a Parent Aide do?
· A Parent Aide meets with parents in their home and provides lessons on parenting issues important to the individual parent.
· A Parent Aide is an instructor, role model and supporter to parents facing the challenges of parenting young children.

What do a Parent Aide and a Parent do during a visit?
· Depending on the age(s) of the child(ren) and what struggles the parent is facing, some examples of a home visit are as follows:
o Watching a video on how to handle sibling rivalry.
o Discussing discipline techniques that will work.
o Learning ways to help your baby’s development.
o Working on a schedule that can get everyone fed, bathed and put to bed in a timely manner.

A Parent Aide might be helpful to you if…
· You are committed to meet with your Parent Aide once per week.
· You want to become more confident and relaxed in your parenting.
· You have full custody of child age 12 or younger (child must live in your home).
· You are not actively abusing drugs or alcohol (you may be in recovery).

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Please note that if the children are not living in the home, in the custody of the parent they will NOT be eligible for the In-Home parenting program. Parents that DO NOT have children in the home are eligible to attend the FREE POSITIVE PARENTING GROUP through our Community Programs. More information regarding class schedules can be found at