National Statistics on Child Abuse

In 2011, an estimated 1,570 children died from abuse and neglect in the United States.2
Nearly five children die every day in America from abuse and neglect. 1

In the same year, Children’s Advocacy Centers around the country served over 279,000 child victims of abuse, providing victim advocacy and support  to these children and their families. In 2012, this number was nearly 287,000. 3


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Among the nearly 287,000children served by Children’s Advocacy Centers around the country in 2012, some startling statistics include:

  • 109,619 children were ages 0 to 6 years
  • 103,636 children were ages 7 to 12 years
  • 71,840 children were ages 13 to 18 years
  • 197,902 children reported sexual abuse
  • 49,155 children reported physical abuse
  • 196,732 children participated in on-site forensic interviewing at a Children’s Advocacy Center

Among the over 262,000 alleged offenders investigated for instances of child abuse in 2012, some startling statistics include:

  • 147,005 were 18+ years old
  • 25,756 were ages 13 to 17 years
  • 18,227 were under age 13 years
  • 85,699 were a parent or step-parent of the victim
  • 125,129 were related or known to the child victim in another way
  • 22,055 were an unrelated person the victim knew



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